Starting a blog can be a great idea to express your thoughts, the best way to get your creative juices flowing and just plainly to get yourself out there. One big decision that an individual has to make in starting a blog, is to choose what blogging platform is perfect for that individual. Nowadays, there are a lot of blogging platforms that is free and readily accessible to anyone. This makes it very hard to choose then because how can you find the right blogging platform for you? If you’re a beginner, the trick is to know and try the easiest one to setup that you wouldn’t need to code yourself. But when you want to delve into the hard one m you can do that also. You just have to think thoroughly to yourself what your blog is going to be and what content you want to share.


These below are the best blogging platforms for beginners:

1. WordPress

There are actually two WordPress sites that are the most popular ones today. The fist and more famous one is and the second one is The difference between the two is who hosts your website. With, you are hosting your own blog or website. With on the other hand, offers blog hosting services for you.


In this platform, you have all the control to edit and customize every feature of your blog. That means that you can put many aspects that you can choose yourself. However, if you have never coded before, it can be a rough start for you but you will find your way.


This offers blog hosting services for free. You can purchase everything and they will set it up for you.

2. Tumblr

Tumblr is the second most popular blogging platform. It can be a blogging platform and at the same time has social networking features. It’s easy and free to use. There are also coding available for free online that can help you customize your site. And because it’s for microblogging, you can also put videos, photos, GIFs, images and audios.

3. Blogger

Blogger is perfect for you if don’t want the messy steps to start your blog. It’s literally so quick and very easy to navigate. And because it is acquired by Google, you have the advantage of Google’s security and reliability.

4. Medium

This platform is very easy to set up. It has become a community that is full of writers, journalists and experts. With that, it can be easy for you to communicate and network yourself to them. You can reach out to people with the same interest as you. And because it has a very minimalist and easy look, you can focus more on your writing and not on the designing process.

5. Squarespace

This platform offers building services with just their drag and drop tools. It has beautifully designed, professional-looking and free templates that is perfect for anyone, may it be a personal or business blogs.